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Q. What is the need of bulk sms software?

Ans. Bulk SMS software provides you the facility to send text messages in bulk to individuals as well as to selected people instantly hence providing cost effective way to keep in touch with your business and marketing clients, family members, relatives and friends etc.

Q. Does any internet connection is required to send the text messages?

Ans. No, user does not require any internet connection to send SMS from PC and Pocket PC to other mobile phone.

Q. What do you mean standard and notification SMS?

Ans. Standard SMS: Saves sent text messages automatically on your mobile phone memory.

Notifications: Asks user to save or not to save received message.

Q. How Bulk sms software is useful for personalized sms and business sms?

Ans. With the help of bulk sms software you can easily keep in touch with their family members, relatives, friends, employees etc and it is also useful for business organization like product promotion, share market news, job alert notification, meeting schedule, business information etc.

Q. What do you mean by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center?

Ans. Synchronizing your phone with your PC is the best way to transfer information, settings, and files. Synchronization is handled with different applications for Windows Vista and Windows XP or earlier, so please checks which operating system your PC is running and choose the appropriate option listed below.

If your system is running Windows XP, or earlier, synchronization settings will be managed through Microsoft ActiveSync.

If your Desktop PC is running Windows Vista, synchronization settings will be managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center.

Q. Does Bulk SMS software supports international mobile network to send the messages?

Ans. Yes, our SMS Software is capable to send large volume of text messages on any national or international mobile network around the world.

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