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Send Bulk SMS Software for Multi USB Modem

Send Bulk SMS Software for Multi USB Modem successfully sends unlimited text messages from your PC connected with USB modem. Text messaging program provides easy way to send group text SMS without requiring internet connection.

Software Benefits :

  • Allow you to connect multiple USB modems with your PC for sending thousands of text messages.
  • Offers delay delivery facility to control the load of bulk SMS broadcasting.
  • Support Unicode languages for sending unlimited text messages.
  • Provides fast delivery of your sent text messages across the world.
  • Easy to operate software instantly sends notification and standard messages over worldwide location.
You can download from here :
Send Bulk SMS Software for Multi USB Modem
Step1 : Click on “Mobile Phone Connection Wizard” to establish connection between phone and PC and select Import and Composing Options for sending bulk SMS.

Major Features :

  • Communicate with different peoples
    Mass SMS software provides convenient way to communicate different people by sending them to numbers of text messages via bulk text messaging program.
  • Get more traffic towards your business
    Bulk SMS software helps to advertise your business product, services or brands to get more traffic towards your business that increases your business revenue and sales.
  • Offers inbuilt list wizard facility
    Text messaging program is appropriate business marketing tool that provide advanced inbuilt list wizard option to manage list of contact numbers for sending bulk text SMS.
  • Provide facility to save text messages to templates
    Group SMS broadcasting app successfully saves sent text messages to templates which can be viewed latter.
  • Fully compatible to work with all types of USB modem
    SMS gateway software is fully functional to work with all types of USB modems to send group text messages.
  • Software provides useful solution for different industries including
    IT companies, Multi level marketing companies, Healthcare industries, Government departments, Banking sectors, Retail business, Hotels and restaurants, Schools and training institute etc.
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